The Bullet Team is currently creating the schedule for a "First Flight" target date. That day, and days of test flights to follow, will mark the beginning of the Programs for which Mary and the Bullet Project are so well qualified...a 3 year nationwide tour to:

1. create and enhance interest among young ladies to pursue careers in engineering, with 
participation from major universities, a select group of corporate partners, and national and regional media; and

2. demonstrate what dedicated people can do at any age.

Mary and the Bullet will appear:

  • at airports where elementary, middle, and high school students and faculty will meet with Mary and learn of the history and re-creation of The Bullet, and of the many different engineering areas that came together to assure the success of the Project;
  • at Corporate and University events to support our partners;
  • at sporting events and trade shows to create further interest in engineering and aviation; and
  • at various aviation events. 

Appearances will be supported by a mobile display vehicle featuring the Bullet Re-Creation, the history and important contributions and accomplishments of women in aviation, and the future for those interested in engineering carreers.

For additional information, please see the Contact page.

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